Washer game    Learn the importance of having your cut saw at 90 degrees and set the bevel angle right.  Lessons learned the hard way. 

Ursula cut in walnut for her door, she our newest family member.  My Brother and Sister in law's daughter.

I love My Computer 

Abby name plate  Needed a spur of the moment gift, this is what I came up with, my kids friend got her drivers license. made with craft pine

Praying cross made from olivewood from Bethlehem, Israel from the olive branches. The cross stands 2.75 x 4.75 inches. The bible verse for the wood is Proverbs 3:18 "The wood is from the tree of life, Those who embrace her, Those who lay hold of her, will be blessed."  This is a special gift for my son's teacher, for a speedy recovery.

Swamp Fairy pattern by Redd

Mahogany Heart Box pattern Diana Thompson

3d Clock and Relief Nativity Creche pattern by Diana Thompson and nativity by J. Nelson 1997 CWWC magazine.

Basket by John Nelson

Anniversary cross

Taj Majal

Custom wooden boxes

Double Key ring

Tool puzzle and arrow thru heart

Marines Basket collapsible

Indian Basket collapsible