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  Please remember to keep our troops in your prayers and thoughts. 

About Me

  •  Life is much different with my 3 kids, they are all grown up and don't need much attention these days.

  • No scrolling :(  (allergies) In it's place is PSN online gaming I find it quite rewarding.  I love playing Battlefield 3 with the most awesome online battle buddies; KeyToVictory, Seifer, Ame11, Ryan(son), TJ and Jon they make the game so enjoyable, once again God has blessed me with great buddies.

  • Live with 2 Yorkies and a parrot she is a freaky little bird that talks a lot. 

  • Still making some patterns, most kinds of crafts and enjoy working outdoors when pollen is low, still love my tractor.

  • Enjoy learning anything new, sharing techniques and getting ideas from computer friends.  Thank God for my computer angel (thank you John), web updates would have never been possible.  

  • I have discovered our country's rich history.  I am amazed at how far off course we have gone. The founders had it right when they gave the power to the people if we don't wake up and take our country back we can change our name to the United Socialist States of America.  I read a lot more and listen to many audio books.  I really like the 5000 Year Leap and Common Sense by Thomas Paine  I am now listening to Atlas Shrugged  by Arn Rand, although this was written in the 1950's it didn't get published until early '60's she is dead on how government is taking over our lives today.  My newest favorite quote by Benjamin Franklin is They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  • "When the government giveth, it also taketh away.

Pray and support our troops.

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